2 ways to travel to Australia saving on accommodation and transport!

1) Air ticket: when to book it?

To find a low-cost flight you first need to consider several factors. The travel period, holidays and anniversaries that may coincide with your holiday, the sales strategies of the airlines will certainly influence the cost of the ticket.

From experience I can tell you what I learned and when I booked flights for my trips to Australia. Traveling in Australia and saving on flights is very feasible. There is a time frame in which the airlines lower their prices to be able to sell the largest number of tickets. Usually you will find the best prices between 5 weeks, for domestic flights or short flights, up to a maximum of 6 months before departure, for longer flights. I’ll give you some examples!

My first one-way flight to Perth, departing March 1, 2018, I paid € 450, booking it on January 24, 2018. Or again, Australia-Italy departing from Brisbane on February 24, 2019, making a 4-day stopover in Perth, paid € 435 with a reservation made on 12 January 2019. 

Tricks that can make the difference when you book a flight!

I learned other tricks that I used about “when to book a flight” from VOLOGRATIS . He taught me how to avoid bookings in the morning, as the prices will certainly be higher: those who have to travel frequently for work do not look at the cost of the flights by themselves and usually book tickets in the morning, leave the ones most dear to them!

In the same way it is good to avoid booking your trip during the weekend, the more people check the price trend, the more they go up! I usually book them on a Tuesday night!

If it is possible then, try to be flexible with dates, or at least to leave during weekdays, in this way you can surely guarantee the lowest rates!

For the rest, eyes open to new offers, promotions or new routes!

Now that you have your ticket in hand and are happy to have saved a few euros, you can go to the next step: book your accommodation!

2) Travel to Australia and save on accommodation, you can!

The answer is yes! Most of the people I met before leaving for Australia often ask me how I can afford to travel so much. Now I will explain to you how it is possible to do all this, and really don’t have to worry about housing costs!

a) Dedicated to those who are always on the go trying to feel at home and love a little comfort!

If when you travel in search of a familiar and comfortable situation, then almost certainly your choice of accommodation will fall on a hotel or apartment. This does not mean that you will spend a fortune, you will only need a more meticulous search in order to find the best solution for you!

The most used sites are usually Booking and Airbnb , but few of you may know that you can get discounts to use for your reservations!

Many regular travelers, for example, can have a 10% genius discount on Booking. The alternative is to ask for help from the public, by subscribing to Facebook pages such as “I will spend all my money on the road”. Here you just need to ask who has a booking discount, for both recommended sites, and our fellow travelers will be happy to help you! In return they will receive a small cash reward or additional benefits.

Other sites or applications where you can find discounts and benefits on accommodation are for example Trivago, Expedia to mention the most famous or the DreamTrips application for registered users, in this case there will also be a monetary return.