Live the Australian desert

few weeks have passed since the last article but now it’s back on track!

Today I want to tell you what it means to live the Australian desert in every way, yes, you understood correctly: living not only in the desert, but the desert itself!

We know well that life is what happens to us when we are doing other projects, but we often forget about this concept and we do it only once the balance is restored. This is indeed what happened a short time ago.

The original plan

The original plan was to move for a few months to a small town between Melbourne and Sydney to gain experience in a different area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAustralia.

For some obscure reason, which I learned to call LIFE, my employer mysteriously disappeared throughout the seventh before my arrival at Lakes Entrance. At the moment the thoughts were many.

Something might have happened to him, or he might have found another person, or he hadn’t saved my number or even lost his phone.

The fact is that by now I was embarking for Melbourne and I knew that everything would take a different direction than expected, but I didn’t know yet which one.

I decide to give him some time until I land, in case he remembers me, but nothing. If I had been traveling alone I probably would have acted differently but, having left with my trusty companion of adventures, we took it as such.

Instead of taking the first bus that would take us to Lakes Entrance in 6 hours, we look for a relocation for Adelaide and we travel!

Leda had not yet traveled the Great Ocean Road , so it seemed like a good time to reorder the ideas in the workplace and spend a few days on the road.